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Oversized Outlook PST FAQ

Q) How to Rescue Oversized corrupted PST file?

Ans:- Outlook users having Outlook 2000 version have limited storage capacity which is precisely about 2 GB. When the PST files becomes bulky and gets oversized exceeding 2 GB, it is likely to get corrupted. Thus it is better to use third party PST repair software to overcome corruption due to oversized PST files.

Q) What to do when Scanpst.exe hangs?

Ans:- Although, Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt utility present in every Outlook versions but it has certain limitation and cannot repair severely corrupted PST file due virus corruption or when its size crosses 2 GB mark. If the Outlook user attempts to run Scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool, it hangs and does not respond. Therefore, it is recommended to use Outlook PST repair software that recovers corrupted PST files in every scenario.

Q) Unable to find Scanpst.exe location? What to do?

Ans:- Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt utility that has been designed by Microsoft. But it is located in hidden folders and its location varies according to the Outlook version. The location differs in Outlook 2000 as compared to 2003 or any later versions. Thus it is difficult for novice to locate it. Comparatively, it is much better to use this recommended software to repair PST file corruption.

Q) Scanpst.exe is unable to resolve severe corruption? Is it true?

Ans:- yes, it is true that Scanpst.exe is known to resolve minor corruption only. However, if the PST file is severely damaged due to virus infection, header file corruption and oversized PST file, it is unable to resolve the issue. But Outlook users need not worry as Outlook PST repair tool is there to resolve the above issues too.

Q) Can this software be used by Novice or users without technical skills?

Ans:- yes, Outlook PST repair software has a simple installation wizard that can be easily followed by novice and general users. It has a rich graphical interface that makes it user friendly. It is available as free demo and when one gets satisfied with the result, they can purchase the full version of the software .