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Get Scanpst.exe Alternative tool download for outlook 2013.

27th May, 2014
Download alternative tool for scanpst.exe to repair the corrupt Outlook 2013 PST file. The personal folder file(PST file) is the central repository for Outlook 2013 which stores all the data on which user works. All the emails, contacts, calenders, notes, journals, task are saved in file with .pst(Personal Storage Table) extension which also called as personal folder file. Scanpst.exe tool is that utility which is used to fix the corruption of PST file. This tool comes with Outlook and gets installed at the time of installation of Outlook. Once this tool fails to fix the damage then user has only one options left i.e. to use third party automatic tool to fix the damage.


There can be several reasons behind the corruption of PST file, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Turning off PC abnormally without closing Outlook.
  • Virus infection.
  • Registry editing.
  • Working on very large file.
  • DLL file missing.

When the file goes corrupted then user fails to access their precious data. In such situation they go for scanpst.exe tool to fix the damage of the file. The tool is provided by Microsoft and it comes along with Outlook. It is effective in fixing the damage of file those are neither severely corrupt nor very large in size. It has few limitations due to which it fails to fix the issu related to PST file corruption. Not only the size and intensity of corruption affects the working capability of inbox repair tool but there are some other issues which affects it badly and those are dll file missing error, registry editing, etc. All of these together makes it a weak tool which remains ineffective at many occasions.

In such situations users must download scanpst.exe alternative tool to fix the PST file corruption and recover all the data stored in it. Third party automatic Outlook PST repair tool is regarded as best alternative for inbox repair tool. It comprises of highly sophisticated algorithm to fix the damage of the file and repair complete data from it without making any alteration. The tool is so effective that data are never gets loss while the recovery process. It provides very simple GUI to handle itself. There are many more features like splitting of file, selective recovery, recovery data from password protected file, etc. The tool comes in both trial and full version. So get the trial version to check if it can detect the error or not. If it successfully detects the error then go for full version to recover all the data from the corrupt file.