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Why ScanPST.exe Stuck at Phase 7? What to do next?

19th May, 2014
Inbox Repair Tool is the inbuilt primary utility provided by Microsoft along with Outlook to fix the PST damage. But what happens sometimes that ScanPST.exe stuck at Phase 7 of PST repairing process. It completely freezes and does not respond at all. As it is the primary tool which fails to fix the error, a feeling of panic arises in Outlook user. PST file is the central repository of Outlook. If it remains damage then user will eventually lose all the important stored data in it. But what leads to freezing of this tool and that tool in second last step?


ScanPST.exe tool has few limitations which makes it useless for some damaged personal folder file. They repair those type of file and waits untill the process gets completed. But the wait seems like it will never end. The tool in the task manager appears in running status, no signs of freezing appears except the unresponsive behavior of the inbuilt utility. User looks confused as no message is displayed. So they have only one option left i.e. to wait until the process gets completed. Lets see few reasons behind the freezing of inbox repair tool in 7or 8 phase which are mentioned below:

  • Repairing intense corruption of PST file.
  • Repairing very large PST file.
  • Repairing PST file infected with malwares.

When this tool fails to fix the problem then Outlook users have only one option to go for i.e. the use of third party automatic Outlook PST repair tool. ScanPST.exe Stucks at Phase 7 because of its limitations. But it is not the case with third party automatic tool. Third party tool uses highly sophisticated algorithm to fix the error of personal folder file. It can repair very large files as well as severely damaged file. It comes in trial and full version. User trial version and check if it shows the preview of your data as the recoverable item. If it shows then you can buy the full version of the software.