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Solve ScanPST.exe Entry Point Not Found Error.

21st May, 2014
Inbox Repair Tool is provided by Microsoft to fix the damage of PST file. But sometimes the tool itself generates error. One of them is ScanPST.exe Entry Point Not Found Error. Lets us first understand the working of this inbuilt repair utility. The tool first checks the header of the damaged file. It then moves towards inner data structure of file to understand the error further. Once it completely scans the file, it lists down the error. Upon user action to recover data, it starts recovering data, the section of file which it doesn't understand is get deleted. But wait a minute, what happens when the tool stucks while checking the header of personal folder file? If this happens then entry point not found error occurs.


The error can occur as following message:
Scanpst.exe - entry point not found.
The procedure entry point RCVR_Scan32@28 could not be located in the dynamic link library SCNPST32.dll

As one can see clearly in the message which say that the tool didn't find the entry point. It means the PST file header is damage enough to pass the limitation of inbuilt tool. But there are also chances of abnormal functioning of ScanPST.exe tool due to improper installation of Outlook application. So user can try to reinstall MS Office or MS Outlook and recheck the inbuilt tool. If error still occurs then this is definitely the case of intense damage of personal folder file.

Now user have to opt third party automatic Outlook PST repair tool to repair their damaged file. As the file is now damaged enough that it cannot be repaired through inbuilt tool, using of third party tool is the only option user have got to recover their lost data from damaged file. Automatic tool uses highly sophisticated algorithm to fix the damage of personal folder file and recover all the inaccessible data. It comes in both trial and full version so user can check out its usefulness using the trial version of the software. Trial version has facility to show preview of recoverable data. To recover those data, user will have to purchase the full version of the software.